Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stacy's Bridal Shower: Part One

Stacy is marrying Ted's cousin Edward in May. I've gotten to know Stacy fairly well over the last two years so I decided to attend her bridal shower this afternoon. Despite the fact that Stacy is the only person I knew at the shower I did have a nice time. Stacy's friends were welcoming and friendly so it wasn't too weird that I didn't know anyone besides Stacy.
Picture #1: Each guest was asked to create a scrapbook page for Stacy and Edward.
Picture #2: Bridal shower guests.
Pictures #3-5: Guests were asked to bring a gift off of Stacy and Edward's Macy's registry or some type of lingerie. Most guest brought lingerie but some (myself included) brought gifts from Macy's.

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